Portable Fire Fighting Equipment

(Extinguishers, Blankets, Fire Hose Reels, Hydrant Points)

Aztech Fire Protection is an independent fire protection company that can act as a consultant in many aspects of fire and safety relating to all aspects of fire fighting equipment.


Fire Blankets
Fire hose reels
Dry Chemical Powder
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Our service department attends to all Portable Extinguishers that can be pressure tested and refilled when required on site or in our extinguishers workshop, with hose reels and hydrants tested are inspected on site. Staff fire training is also available on request of safety officer’s requirements.

Routine Inspection & Testing

Fire protection equipment is critical and potentially lifesaving equipment. Responsibility must be taken to ensure that this critical equipment infrastructure will operate effectively in the event of an emergency. Fire protection equipment must be maintained accordingly.
There are a number of regulatory authorities responsible for the maintenance programs for fire equipment. Aztech Fire Protection carries out routine inspection and testing, in accordance with requirements as outlined within specific Australian Standards.
The following Australian Standards relate to the Inspection, Testing, Preventative Maintenance and Survey (ITM&S) of fire related equipment. If you would like to find out more information about standards compliance please contact us.

AS1851 Section 2 – Automatic Fire Sprinklers
AS1851 Section 3 – Fire Pump Sets
AS1851 Section 4 – Fire Hydrant Systems
AS1851 Section 5 – Delivery lay Flat Hose
AS1851 Section 6 – Fire detection Systems
AS1851 Section 7 – Smoke Alarms and Heat Alarms
AS1851 Section 8 – Fire Alarm Monitoring
AS1851 Section 9 – Sound Systems for Emergency Purposes
AS1851 Section 10 – Intercom Systems for Emergency Purposes
AS1851 Section 11 – Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems
AS1851 Section 12 – Fixed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems
AS1851 Section 13 – Open Nozzle Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Systems
AS1851 Section 14 – Fire Hose Reels
AS1851 Section 15 – Portable and Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
AS1851 Section 16 – Fire Blankets
AS1851 Section 17 – Passive Fire and Smoke Containment Systems
AS1851 Section 18 – Fire and Smoke Control Features of HVAC
AS1851 Section 19 – Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Aztech Fire Protection highly trained technicians maintain all types of essential services equipment. We have access to a complete range of parts and provide the benefit of the latest technology.
The quality of a products maintenance program is just as important in the performance of fire protection systems as the quality of the equipment. For any equipment to perform effectively in an emergency, it must be meticulously maintained
and tested at regular intervals as per standards. Aztech Fire Protection maintains fire equipment in accordance with Australian Standards and Local Government directives.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Aztech Fire Protection highly trained technicians maintain all types of essential services equipment. We have access to a complete range of parts and provide the benefit of the latest technology.
For our clients we are available 24 hours a day, for emergency callouts and over the phone assistance. Just the one phone call 07 3422 2124 will put you in touch with our “on call” team.

Fire and OWS

Fire Alarm Systems
A building’s Fire and Smoke Alarm System is a critical component of the site’s Life Safety Equipment.
These systems are designed to detect fire and combustion products in an emergency situation and alert building occupants to initiate evacuation and to notify the Fire Department that a fire situation either exists or potentially may exist within the building.
These systems incorporate Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors and Manual Call Points, plus Audible Alarm Devices such as Sounders or Speakers in the case of Voice Communication Systems.

The Australian Fire Code mandates that regular Annual Inspection, Repair and Maintenance on the Fire Alarm & Emergency Voice Communication Systems be completed by suitably qualified firms and technicians.

Aztech Fire Protection offers the most technologically advanced systems available, including conventional fire and smoke detection, flame and water detection, high-sensitivity air sampling detectors, and the latest in analogue addressable detection technology.
Aztech Fire Protection also provides complete annual Inspection & testing, as well as remedial repair work to correct deficiencies in existing fire and smoke alarm systems, plus a 24hour emergency service.

Occupant Warning Systems

Emergency Warning and Evacuation Systems are a critical element of a life safety system.

These systems are designed to facilitate the orderly evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency. The system is comprised of speakers, special phone points and break-glass alarms distributed throughout a building or site. The central panel allows the Chief Warden or Fire Authority to manage the evacuation process.

The evacuation system is triggered either by a connected fire alarm panel (having detected smoke), or by a person activating the break-glass alarm. An automatic evacuation process will then proceed via a series of warning sirens sounding in relevant areas.
Appropriate training of wardens is required to manage the evacuation of people during this time.

Aztech Fire Protection supply, install, service, test and maintain evacuation systems, as well as providing appropriate training services.