Fire Alarm Systems

A building’s Fire and Smoke Alarm System is a critical component of the site’s Life Safety Equipment.

These systems are designed to detect fire and combustion products in an emergency situation and alert building occupants to initiate evacuation and to notify the Fire Department that a fire situation either exists or potentially may exist within the building.

These systems incorporate Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors and Manual Call Points, plus Audible Alarm Devices such as Sounders or Speakers in the case of Voice Communication Systems.

The Australian Fire Code mandates that regular Annual Inspection, Repair and Maintenance on the Fire Alarm & Emergency Voice Communication Systems be completed by suitably qualified firms and technicians.

Aztech Fire Protection offers the most technologically advanced systems available, including conventional fire and smoke detection, flame and water detection, high-sensitivity air sampling detectors, and the latest in analogue addressable detection technology.

Aztech Fire Protection also provides complete annual Inspection & testing, as well as remedial repair work to correct deficiencies in existing fire and smoke alarm systems, plus a 24hour emergency service.